Who are we??  According to EMC Discipline, this committee has specific members with specific tasks to accomplish within the church.  Currently, this committee is made up of 8 members: Merl Ballensky, Pat Caughron, Roberta Hartmann, Ed Hill, David Holt, Russ Mull, Mike Spooner, and Leeland Woodward (all voting members), and one additional, Anna Smith as moderator and non-voting.

Why are we?  This committee is designed to promote harmony and health in our church. We will work together with the pastor and the congregation to discuss and resolve relevant issues.  With God’s help we will look ahead and promote ministries which will bring new people into the church as well as encourage current members.

What is your relationship with this committee?  You are invited to share with any one of the committee members – anything that is on your heart.  Your concerns, your ideas, talents you wish to share, things you wish to change in the church – whatever - this door is open to you.  You can trust us to treat your information with sensitivity and confidentially.  We feel this is the best way to effect change and grow the church – as well as honor the Lord.


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